Friday, 7 February 2014

The Beginning!

The idea for this blog came about rather suddenly. We have a few friends who live by themselves and are always looking for inexpensive and tasty food. They imagined that cooking a meal took hours on end and was an arduous task. We managed to change some opinions by showing them how to whip up some easy meals. 

We then figured, why not have some fun with the whole thing. A recipe a day for 365 days. Some things that take barely a couple of minutes; and some which require a little more patience. This way, our friends would have a cookbook at the tip of their fingers. And the best part would be that the recipes are all tried and tested innumerable times! 

Hope you enjoy the posts to come - feedback is more than welcome!

Cheers!! :)


  1. good show regina (btw can i use the name i always use....even on this blog :) ). This is going to make amader baari an interesting place....what with the new recipe and all.

  2. Thank you! Please keep the embarrassing names a secret :D